Trim Castle Hotel Wedding Video (Daniella & Ross)

Beautiful sunny days aren’t necessary for an amazing wedding day but they don’t hurt πŸ™‚ Daniella & Ross’ Trim Castle Hotel wedding was one of the sunniest I’ve had this year. And the sunshine really added to the relaxed atmosphere of the day.

Awh Brendan thank you , It’s AMAZING!!!! Still on honeymoon and woke up with the biggest smile on our faces watching it . Thank you so much .

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Springfield Hotel Wedding Video (Denise & Darren)

I haven’t been to the Springfield Hotel to create a Wedding video in a while and it was good to be back for the wedding of Denise & Darren. After viewing her wedding video Denise replied:

Oh my gosh Brendan
That is absolutley mind blowing, i am sobbing here it is just perfect everything i always wanted…thank you so so much
Really it is truely fantastic, it is so heart warming and happy to watch..happy tears here in Lanzarote

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Bellinter House Wedding Video (Mandy & Chris)

This was my first opportunity to create a Bellinter House Wedding video and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Mandy & Chris’ day started in the pitcuresque setting of Howth, Co. Dublin before making the relatively short journey for the reception to Bellinter House. It’s the first time I’ve ever filmed outdoor speeches but I’m definitely a fan of the idea and would encourage others to do the same.

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Dunmore House Hotel Wedding Video (Laura & John)

When I pulled up to Dunmore House Hotel on the day of Laura & John’s wedding and saw the staff putting out chairs for an outdoor ceremony I just knew we were in for a great day. Add in an amazing location, perfect weather and an amazing couple and it really did make for a great day πŸ™‚

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Farnham Estate Wedding Video (Gemma & Tommy)

To Farnham Estate now for today’s wedding video. Gemma & Tommy’s story started when they met in Thailand and they came all the way to tropical Cavan to make their vows πŸ™‚ A relaxed day with lots of fun (and great light) makes it one of the highlights of the year πŸ™‚

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Portmarnock Hotel Wedding Video (Laura & Eamonn)

It’s time now for Laura and Eamonn’s wedding video trailer. In my final followup with Laura a month before their wedding, Laura said not to worry about the speeches. She said her dad and Eamonn were quite shy so there wouldn’t be much to them. She also said that Eamonn was a shy sort of guy in general. Then, fast-forward to the big day and I was starting wonder if I was at the wrong wedding πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if I’ve met a more outgoing groom and Laura’s dad gave a brilliant speech (as did Eamonn’s dad).

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Boyne Hill House Wedding Video (Niamh & Mark)

My first ever visit to Boyne Hill House for the wedding of Niamh and Mark now and what a day to remember πŸ™‚ The day started off in a nice relaxed fashion in Niamh’s family home before moving on to Boyne Hill House from where the day seemed to pass in a blur – lucky they decided to get a videographer πŸ™‚

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