*Throwback Trailer* Finnstown Wedding Video

This wedding video trailer got a few likes recently over on my Facebook page so I had another look at it for myself and was suprised at just how well it has stood the test of time. I guess great weddings don’t go out of fashion. When I first put this wedding video up on Facebook it was a significant moment for Make My Day Productions as the reaction the trailer received was part of what convinced me that it was possible to make being a wedding videographer a full-time job (I finally did just that in 2015 just over a year later). Feel free to like other wedding video clips on my Facebook page to help me reminisce further 🙂

Another significant thing about this video is the emphasis on the fun of the wedding day. Up until that point I was reluctant to highlight the fun element of wedding days presuming (wrongly) that couples would only be interested in the romantic element. Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction though it has made me determined to continue to show how much fun wedding days can be.

Wedding Ceremony Location: Finnstown House
Wedding Reception Location: Finnstown House

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