The A to Z of Weddings in Ireland

Rathsallagh Wedding Friends and Family

A truly (un)helpful guide for your day from your friendly neighbourhood wedding videographer


A is for “Ahhhhhhhh, I’m engaged!!! What do I do now!”

A Ballymagarvey Couple


B is for Budget. B is also for Bank Robbery. As in, “I’ll need to carry out a Bank Robbery to manage this Budget.”

C is for Candy Cart. And I’m only filling out a bag of sweets for the kids. Honest.

C is also for Church. As in, “I haven’t been in a Church since the last time I was at a wedding.”


D is for Drone. Will a Drone add anything to the story of your wedding film? No. Will it look cool though? Hell yeah.


E is for Ed Sheeran. There’s a good chance you’ve considered using an Ed Sheeran song for your first dance. E is also for Ear Plugs. Not a coincidence. See also W.


Friends and Family

F is for Friends & Family. And your wedding day is one of those rare occasions where you will have most of them together in the one place. So enjoy being around them. Even the crazy ones.


G is for Greatest job in the world. And I’m lucky enough to have it 🙂


H is for Help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.


I is for Irish weather. And you can’t predict what it’ll be like. So just enjoy your day through rain, hail or shine.


J is for Just married. Everything’s above board now. See also L and S.


Kids at a Wedding

K is for Kids. And rest assured that the minute you’re married complete strangers will start asking if there’s “anything stirring”.


L is for Living in sin. Disgraceful behaviour. See also S.

L probably should’ve been for Love. But I just couldn’t let that living-in-sin craic pass without comment.


M is for Mothers. If you’re lucky enough to still have one let her have her fussy/crazy moments during the planning of your wedding. In the long run it’ll turn out that the crazy part of her personality is one of the things you love most about her.


M is also for… like and subscribe you guys (I think that’s what I’m supposed to say anyway).


A Millhouse Civil Ceremony

N is for Nerves. And you’ll definitely have them on your wedding day. But they’re the good sort of nerves. And they’ll magically disappear right after the vows. Trust me.


O is for “Oh my God this is actually happening”. And that’s what you’ll say just before you make that walk up the aisle. Refer also to N above.



P is for Photographer. And you should definitely get one. Right after you’ve sorted a Videographer.

P is also for Priest. And in fairness most of them are sound.


Q is for Quite a difficult letter of the alphabet to use. But I think I got away with it.


R is for Reliving your day. All through the magic of film (and photos too… I guess). Seriously though after the day when the post wedding blues start to set in there’s nothing to lift the mood like watching your wedding film and reliving those big (and small) moments.


S is for Sex. And you’re not to be at that craic until after you’re married.

S is also for Six Nations. And Soccer. And any other pain in the arse Sporting event that has very inconveniently been scheduled for the day of your wedding.


T is for Table plan. Being a man I’ve never had to put one together. But from what I hear it’s one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.


U is for Unnecessary. All you need on your wedding day is you, your partner, a celebrant and witnesses. Everything else (including videography) is Unnecessary. They’re nice-to-haves. Not need-to-haves. Try not to lose sight of that during the planning process.


V is for Veil. Tricky buggers. Tricky for brides to keep in place and tricky for dads not to step on.

V is also for Videographer. You should definitely get one. Preferably me.


Dancing at a Wedding

W is for “When your legs don’t work like they used to before” and will be heard at at least 50% of 2019 weddings. Unfortunately. It’s not that I don’t like Ed Sheeran. But if you heard his songs as often as I have you’d be tempted to write a snarky blog post too.


X is for… ummm… X-ray? … Xylophone? … Xcitement! X is for Xcitement.


Y is for Your day. So have the day you want. Not the day you think someone else thinks you should have. Unless you don’t want a videographer and someone else thinks you should have a videographer. In that case have the wedding someone else thinks you should have.


Z is for… eh… See Q.

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