Portmarnock Hotel Wedding Video (Laura & Eamonn)

It’s time now for Laura and Eamonn’s wedding video trailer. In my final followup with Laura a month before their wedding, Laura said not to worry about the speeches. She said her dad and Eamonn were quite shy so there wouldn’t be much to them. She also said that Eamonn was a shy sort of guy in general. Then, fast-forward to the big day and I was starting wonder if I was at the wrong wedding 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ve met a more outgoing groom and Laura’s dad gave a brilliant speech (as did Eamonn’s dad).

It was a day full of energy, smiles and just a few tears. A day I was privileged to film.

Below is Laura & Eamonn’s trailer:

Videographer: Make My Day Productions

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