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Wedding Videographer
Wedding Videographer

My name is Brendan and I’m the owner, videographer, accountant, secretary, cleaner and everything else that is behind Make My Day Productions 🙂

I started filming weddings professionally in 2008 and, even though I’ve received no formal training in this specific field, for as long as I can remember making films (of any sort) has been something I’ve wanted to pursue.

Your Wedding Videographers Philosophy

Simplicity – Wedding planning can be stressful to organise for couples (being honest mainly for the bride!). So my aim from when a bride gets in touch until I have delivered the final wedding video is to make everything as easy as possible through the entire process. I ask very little of them other than the important logisitcal information but also always make sure to get back to them promptly with any queries they may have.

Discretion – With all the effort that has gone into planning the wedding day it wouldnt feel right to me that I would then interfer in the day and start telling the couple where to stand and pose and take them away from their guests. So for this reason I am very hands-off on the wedding day and capture events as they unfold as opposed to creating false memories (no #fakenews here!!).

Fun – Wedding days are fun! All too often on the wedding videos I see online this is something thats completely overlooked. With my wedding videos the more fun and laughter I can add the happier I will be.

Story – The most important part of my wedding video trailers is that we learn about the couple, their wedding day and their story. If I can show a trailer to a complete stranger and they feel they know the couple by the end then I’ll know I’ve done my job.

Cinematic – With the previous four points as our foundations we then build on that by creating a beautifully crafted wedding film with great visuals and (just as important) great audio to give you the best cinematic experience possible when viewing your wedding video.